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Nature & Wildlife

Encircled by mountains, among heather and whin of open moorland, Royal Deeside’s six great estates, ancient Caledonian forests and well-stocked rivers are home to a wide variety of nature and wildlife.

Watch the determined salmon leap up the Falls of Feugh as they make their way upstream each year to spawn. Tread carefully to spot the rare protected capercaillie, pine marten, and red squirrel, and herds of red deer. In late summer and autumn, visitors are encouraged to scan the skyline in the uplands of Royal Deeside as many have been lucky enough to see a rare golden eagle.

Forests are notable in Royal Deeside too, with panoramic views of mountains and countryside. The Cambus O’ May forest has winding trails through Scots Pine and routes will take you across bridges and through the wildlife that resides here while the Countesswells and Foggieton Forest’s give you great views across rolling green farmland and majestic beech trees that were planted in 1870!

A good way to see the impressive nature and wildlife in Royal Deeside is by taking a highland safari trip with an experienced local guide. The tour will take you to places which can’t be reached by foot - up to the impressive hills of the Glen Tanar Estate with views for miles across the glens! 

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Nature & Wildlife


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