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Aberdeen is a city that looks and feels quite different. Its mile-long Union Street – is lined with classic granite buildings that help make this “one of the most architecturally distinctive cities in Europe” (The Scotsman). 

Aberdeen isn’t just a city by the sea, it’s a city of the sea, where ships dock right up against the city-centre streets. Where urban dolphins leap at the harbour mouth and locals paddle-board and surf off the city beach.

Aberdeen has two Old Towns: Old Aberdeen, with its cobbled streets, mature trees and 15th century fortified cathedral. And Footdee, a quirky fishing quarter at the water’s edge, with squares of tiny cottages, flower-filled gardens and brightly painted outhouses, their eccentric decorations drawing on the city’s seafaring soul.

Aberdeen is bustling with culture and entertainment, festivals and events. To help you effectively plan your group’s trip we have put together a range of itineraries.


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